castel of suze la rousse

8 km from Tulette

Altitude : 129
Number of inhabitants : 1591

Between le Comtat Venaissin and the Dauphiné, it hosts the famous Université du Vin, the Wine University. First mention of it as a village can be traced back to the 13th century. It was a priory of the Order of Saint Benoît in the 11th century. Fief of the Princes of Orange and then of the Maison des Baux, it became a Comté in the course of the 16th century and then, in the 17th century, a Marquisat, dependent on the La Baume-Suze, the last Seigneurs of Suze.

view of the village of suze la rousse tower of suze la rousse castel tower of suze la rousse

You can visit: the chapel Saint-Sébastien, the ancient church, the Grain Hall, the old stone washhouse area, the ampelographic garden (a collection of vine plants from the world-over).

view's castel of suze la rousse
village suze la rousse château