village of saint euphémie sur ouvèze

10 km from Buis-les-Baronnies

Altitude : 565
Number of inhabitants : 74

A small fortified village dating back to the 14th century, located on the banks of the River Ouvèze. It has retained its medieval feel, built in the shape of a square. It is the only village in the canton which still has a protestant church. Sainte-Euphémie-sur-Ouvèze is said to have been founded by the Templars and legend has it that Hannibal travelled through it.

fountain of saint euphémie sur ouvèze ouvèze river

The village was gifted to the Grimaldi family of Monaco by Louis 13 to make up for their loss of the Kingdom of Naples. Without the French Revolution in 1789, Sainte-Euphémie would still belong to Monaco...

sheep saint euphémie sur ouvèze
sunset saint euphémie sur ouvèze
lane of saint euphémie sur ouvèze