village of montbrun les bains

27 km from Buis-les-Baronnies

Altitude : 608
Number of inhabitants : 434

Surrounded by mountains, the village has always been fought over, right back from Prehistoric times to Roman times to the Middle Ages. It looks out over a pretty plain which is planted with lavender. The ancient stone houses, are bunched together tightly, making up in height for their narrowness.

ruin's castel of montbrun les bains
lane of montbrun les bains fountain laundrette of montbrun les bains
tower montbrun les bains
panoramic view of montbrun les bains

Provencal market: Saturday morning. Festivities: foires en mars, mai, le lundi suivant le 9 septembre, décembre. Fête le 1er dimanche d'août (3 jours). Pèlerinage de Saint-Pierre à la chapelle de Vergol en juillet.