village of mirabel aux baronnies

7 km from Nyons

Altitude : 263
Number of inhabitants : 1364

A small town built upon a rounded hill, surrounded by ancient houses. Gifted in 1026 by the Montaubans to the Abbey of Saint-Césaire d'Arles. Possession of the Dauphins in the 14th century, when it was a monetary workshop. Famed for its warm climate and its beautiful views.

lane of mirabel aux baronnie house of mirabel aux baronnies lane church of mirabel aux baronnie

You can visit: the ruins of the castle, the fortifications and the 12th century look-out tower, the Chapelle du calvaire, the chapel Notre-Dame de Beaulieu. In the village itself there is a fountain and remnants of the ancient fortified walls.

Provencal market: Friday morning. Market with olives all saturdays from November 30th to February 29th.
Festivities: Fête patronale et communale le 1er dimanche de septembre. Messe de minuit provençale. Brocante le 1er et 3ème dimanche de juin à septembre.